Monday, June 15, 2009

Snow White Event & Charity Auction

Well better late than never, I always say! Here is the video from the Snow White event. Attendees received the 8" Snow White doll as shown a couple of posts down...and she is a special cutie, indeed! Also in the video are some images of the one-of-a-kind dolls that were auctioned to support A Friend's House (learnmore about this very special charity here: - over $14,000 was raised by some very generous colelctors...thank you, all! Featured in the charity were two bride dolls, of which the gowns are featured in a special Haute Doll Magazine article by Louise Fecher (, the first prototype (dressed by Paula Kagan and Robert Tonner) of Peggy Harcourt, daughter of Janet Harcourt, and DeeAnna Denton's rival - the Harcourts own and operate the rival candy company to Denton Chewing Gum - watch for drama to ensue this fall! You'll also see two wonderful 22" Tonner American Models, and a special fashion fantasy with Asian themes by Tonner Design Director, Joe Petrollese. Enjoy!


  1. Wow, these dolls really knock your socks off!! If only the video could have lasted much, much longer in order to take in those fabulous gowns.
    Thanks, Rita in CA

  2. The snow white center piece was gorgeous!


  3. Ohhhh I hope Cherry Blossom will be available to the public and SOON! :o)


  4. Omg!!these gows are perfect!! I love Snow white and Cherry Blossom...I need these beautifuls girls,please, public line soon.


  5. That was so beautiful. The dolls are gorgeous and Barbra's singing was the whipped cream on the sundae. Thank you so much for these videos!