Sunday, June 14, 2009

Convention Recap!

Hi, Folks! We haven't forgotten about you faithful watchers in virtual land! An early flight had some of us back in NY today (and yes...we are exhausted!)...that being said, we do have a couple of additions for tonight. Here we have a recap slideshow of the weekend...with great costumes, joyous memories...and friendships to last a lifetime! Also, we wanted to show you the souvenir Betsy from the Farewell Breakfast with Snow White.

Coming up next...we want to pay special tribute to our Competition Participants, who brought such an amazing creative collective to our convention. They deserve a special spotlight all their own! Then tomorrow, I'll be working on more posts, a complete list of convention specials, names and editions...highlights from the Charity Auction to benefit A Friend's House (over $14,000 raised!!)...AND, the virtual raffle winners! Stay tuned, and thank you for your patience!

Oh yes...and a note for you folks who tried to register for the virtual raffle...we got many emails from folks asking how to do it...and if could they still sign up (some sad because they felt they missed out). The answer is YES! We deliberatly did not pull the names on Saturday night because we failed to make this more clear. If you are having trouble signing up...just email us at and we will put your name in the hat...we have already done so for others who emailed 'info' and 'help' - if you are us again! We'll put your name in...and winners will be picked tomorrow. We are so sorry we dropped the ball on this one...but we hope to make it up to you by including everyone...let your friends know, too. Thanks, again...what's a virtual convention without YOU?

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  1. you guys! the competition entries wer fabulous!