Saturday, June 13, 2009

Breakfast on Paradise Island

Wonder Woman - Athena's Champion Centerpiece

Circe - Event Souvenir

Tiny Betsy Wonder Woman - Separately Available Companion

All edition sizes will be posted later.


  1. that Tiny Betsy Wonder Woman is just adorable!! I do hope that you guys will make both her and Athena's Champion available on the web site...for those of us just not able to travel to the conventions or comic cons. Please Please please!!!
    Great work!!

  2. I totally agree about the availabilty of the Athena's Champion and the Tiny Betsy. Not all of us are able to attend cons and shows and our best resource is to buy directly off the wedsite. Wonder Woman fans support you guys 110%, please make the edition numbers high enough.

    You guys are great!

  3. Circe, Tiny Betsy, and Athenas Champion are fantastic. Let me add my vote for them to be available at

    Also, could we have another Wonder Woman trunkset, but with the new WW for Christmas this year?

    Thank you for the opportunity to share in the raffle and the virtual convention.

    Take care,
    Jason in NC.

  4. It's so cool to see people open their dolls at a convention.

  5. Wow! All the event dolls look fantastic! Great job, Tonner! :) I'm already a fan of the Tonner Wonder Woman line and I am so hoping there will be extras of these outstanding dolls available for purchase after Convention! :)

  6. Forgot to add: I agree with Jason in NC - I would LOVE to see another WW trunk set as I missed out on the earlier one! Please, please, please! :)

  7. OMG! I am in Tiny Betsy Heaven! TB as WW is the cutest thing I have ever seen! She is on my must have list.

    Circe and WW are HOT! They look very er, uh, 'intimidating' with their Va-Va-Voluptuous-ness. Circe's boots are kick-ass!

    Tom Courtney looks cool as Samurai Batman - when does that doll come out? (I mean Action Figure!)

    Have fun everyone!

  8. Another GREAT event!!

    Love that Tiny Super Power Wonder Woman Tonner
    Tiny Betsy McCall. :)

    LOVED watching, thank you so much
    Debora - Alaska

  9. Thanks for the sneak peak of Tylers wedding prep. I do hope a Wedding gift set will be available for purchase!! Beautiful convention, outstanding dolls . Thanks for sharing the event online!!

  10. I would love to get the Circe and Wonder Woman dolls too! I sure hope they are available online.

  11. Seriously JEALOUS!
    I have Megos- including my own Circe version BUT these Tonners are Gorgeous.
    I have a porcelain WW.
    Id like an Aquaman, Circe, Hawkgirl, Catwoman...

    PLease do make these heroines TONNER:
    Celsius (1977 Joe Staton Version)
    Liberty Belle ((All Star Squadron with Jodhpurs)
    Wondergirl Donna Troy (Cardy version)

  12. Wow! wish I was there! Awesome dolls!
    Renae in Florida

  13. Oh crap, since the Wonder Woman breakfast was so early, I just now realized how awesome Tom's Ares costume was!!! Between this and last year's Jareth outfit, I think he wins Best Dressed two cons in a row.

    Also, I love my TB WW!! I took her out right away, and she even has tights on. She's super cute, and I hope they make the whole justice league in 8 inch form. ...even Martian Manhunter would look cute!! Also, since they are so small and a bit retro (and over half the price of a full size Tonner doll), I can see people who were timid about buying a "doll" who might decide to try one out.

    Oh yeah, I loved my BIG Wonder Woman and Circe too. ;) Betsy is already posed right next to her big Amazon sister in the hotel room.

  14. PS I missed the Trunk too... and hope they come out with a new one (at non FAO prices!). Even if its an edition of just a trunk, in a new color, I'd want it. I missed the first one, since I held off buying any Christmas presents for myself until January, and by that time they were way sold out. If they come out with a new one, Santa's just going to have to bring my friends and family home made gifts, hehe.

    Also on my wish list: Donna Troy in her current outfit on a Tyler body (black sparkly know Tonner could do it well!), or in her Wonder Girl outfit on the Cheerleader body. Cassie Wonder Girl would be great too, but gotta have Donna first!

  15. Oh oh oh Tiny Betsy as Wonder Woman! This is too wonderful. Please please please make her availible to the people that can't come to the conventions

  16. Circe looks fierce, wish i could see her live. This convention seems like it was loads of fun!