Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009 Tonner Convention Special Exhibit

This year's special exhibit came in two parts: First, Louise Fecher, Author of Here Come the Bride Dolls, arranged a showing of some bridal themed dolls from her personal collection. From manufactured dolls to repaints and mix & match, Louise brought a true treat for the attendees in honor of Tyler's Wedding. Second, to pay tribute to ten years of Tyler Wentworth, Robert Tonner selected his top 30 favorite dolls from a decade of the House of Wentworth. Dolls ranged from company-made items, to OOAKs and prototype dolls from Robert's personal collection. Attendees were asked to vote for one doll that was their personal favorite - we will be announcing the top ten dolls in the near future along with one lucky winner who will win a full registration tot he Tyler Wentworth Tenth Anniversary event in Kingston, NY on November 7, 2009 (winner will be chosen by random from the voting ballots obtained at convention). We thank Louise and Robert...along with Paula Kagan, Exhibit Chair, for bringing us a glorious, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these magnificent works of doll art.


  1. I hope we'll get to see those top 30 beautiful dolls on display in November. How I wish I had been there...

    Thank you for posting to the blog, Tom.

    P.S. Got a kick out of seeing all the Kish little girls as flower girls.

  2. Wow, Paula, what a great job you did on this! I loved seeing some of Roberts picks. :) Kudos to you and many thanks!

    Big Hugs,

  3. Beautiful brides and really enjoyed seeing RT's favorites!

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